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general text to image

Note Model Paper Conference paper link code link
GAN-INT-CLS Generative Adversarial Text to Image Synthesis ICML 2016 1605.05396 reedscot/icml2016
StackGAN StackGAN: Text to Photo-realistic Image Synthesis with Stacked Generative Adversarial Networks ICCV 2017 1612.03242 hanzhanggit/StackGAN
StackGAN++ StackGAN++: Realistic Image Synthesis with Stacked Generative Adversarial Networks TPAMI 2018 1710.10916 hanzhanggit/StackGAN-v2
AttnGAN AttnGAN: Fine-Grained Text to Image Generation with Attentional Generative Adversarial Networks CVPR 2018 1711.10485 taoxugit/AttnGAN
HD-GAN Photographic Text-to-Image Synthesis with a Hierarchically-nested Adversarial Network CVPR 2018 1802.09178 ypxie/HDGan
StoryGAN StoryGAN: A Sequential Conditional GAN for Story Visualization CVPR 2019 1812.02784 yitong91/StoryGAN
Obj-GAN Object-driven Text-to-Image Synthesis via Adversarial Training CVPR 2019 1902.10740
MirrorGAN MirrorGAN: Learning Text-to-image Generation by Redescription CVPR 2019 1903.05854

scene graph/layout to image

Note Model Paper Conference paper link code link
GAWWN Learning What and Where to Draw NIPS 2016 1610.02454 reedscot/nips2016
Inferring Semantic Layout for Hierarchical Text-to-Image Synthesis CVPR 2018 1801.05091
sg2im Image Generation from Scene Graphs CVPR 2018 1804.01622 google/sg2im
Text2Scene Text2Scene: Generating Abstract Scenes from Textual Descriptions CVPR 2019 1809.01110 uvavision/Text2Image
Layout2Im Image Generation from Layout CVPR 2019 1811.11389
LayoutGAN LayoutGAN: Generating Graphic Layouts with Wireframe Discriminator ICLR 2019 openreview
Object Pathways Generating Multiple Objects at Spatially Distinct Locations ICLR 2019 1901.00686 tohinz/multiple-objects-gan
Using Scene Graph Context to Improve Image Generation 1901.03762

dialog to image

Note Model Paper Conference paper link code link
CoDraw CoDraw: Visual Dialog for Collaborative Drawing 1712.05558 CoDraw dataset
ChatPainter ChatPainter: Improving Text to Image Generation using Dialogue ICLRW 2018 1802.08216
Keep Drawing It: Iterative language-based image generation and editing NIPSW 2018 1811.09845 CLEVR dataset
Chat-crowd Chat-crowd: A Dialog-based Platform for Visual Layout Composition 1812.04081 uvavision/chat-crowd
SeqAttnGAN Sequential Attention GAN for Interactive Image Editing via Dialogue 1812.08352


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